The Core Drivers™ concept was created in 2012 when we found that 90% of our clients did not want traditional psychometrics. They told us that they wanted a product that was fun and showed them what people are driven by and how they get what they want.

So this is what we did...

We created a good looking card deck which feels like a game!

Sounds simple right? Well, it makes the complex world of people and culture, simple to understand and measure.

We listened to our clients who didn't like the idea that they fit into a box.

Our clients are always keen to learn and want barriers removed, so we run complimentary in-house workshops, bite-size, snackable, lunchtime express sessions. Soon to be available for on-line access to our Global clients. 

Clients want an infographic styled report *, instead of a 27-page wall of text.
They want some succinct, practical hand-on tips.

Clients want a one-page retention plan that ensures they can future-proof their superstars.

What do the Core Drivers™ do?

Recruitment culture fit (no fit, partial fit or close fit)

Creates a suggested learning pathway that energises people - audiobooks, Tedtalks and other innovative stuff

Onboarding strategy

Retention plan

Performance : inspire, enable, fulfilment

Team Dynamics

It's been a "David and Goliath" type story for us because, while we have had a very loyal following from transformational SME's which you can check out in our testimonials, we had a tough time when faced with some traditional HR gatekeepers saying we've seen it all before!

However, a few of the brave have trialled it and said "Wow this is something fresh and new, haven't seen this before", and we said "That's right because it was designed and pioneered by us for you."

They have experienced incredible results, hugely significant increased success and retention rates when onboarding new team members or re-engising teams.

In most cases, they have experienced a 99% success rate. Some of the transformations that come with it is attracting 50% of the workforce which we know are millennials and supporting senior executives in a way they haven't been able to before.

Try it today because it's not like anything you have tried before. Others have had outstanding results and you will too, including our brave Global Corporates.

Do you have 10 minutes? It will be worth it.

Click here to request a demo online Global or In-person (NZ & AU only)

We have an exciting vision for expanding the suite of activities. We always  love hearing about how the Core Drivers are making a difference for you and your team, so please keep sending us examples of your experience this supports our ongoing comittment to you!